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January 29 2020

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Straßenkunst, Frankfurt Sachsenhausen.
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August 11 2019

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nice street art
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June 24 2019

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October 16 2018

September 14 2018

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Jerusalem Street Art
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August 01 2018

Larger-Than-Life Insects Lurk Around Abandoned Buildings in Anamorphic Street Art by Odeith

Though mostly known for his trompe l’oiel lettering, Portuguese street artist Odeith has recently been adding larger-than-life insects to his repertoire. Many of the wall-based works are placed in corners and require careful planning to achieve an anamorphic effect. You can see more from Odeith on Instagram.


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July 26 2018

July 23 2018

June 25 2018

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June 07 2018

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June 03 2018

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Turin, Italy.
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May 17 2018

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April 01 2018

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January 18 2018

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January 13 2018

January 04 2018

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December 05 2017

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