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September 20 2016

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September 16 2016

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September 08 2016

August 31 2016

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August 30 2016

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August 26 2016

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beergpartei, die überpartei voll im wahlkampf
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August 21 2016

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czasem naprawdę lubię Poznań :3
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August 15 2016

August 10 2016

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Mural in 3D, Poznań, Poland.
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August 04 2016

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August 03 2016

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July 30 2016

July 21 2016

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July 20 2016

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July 11 2016

„Erwünscht ist hier Graffiti-Kunst, und nichts was diese Wand verhunzt!“
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July 07 2016

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